Painting: Le Brun, 1781

The full title of this website is: Church Website Audit .com
Here is the backstory:
I created a website,
for the prodigals we all know and love,
for those that grew up in church but have left for various reasons.

The website,
has groupings of articles identifying difficulties they may have with God or church, 
to try to draw them back toward Christ.

Though imperfect and never completely done, I launched the site, 
and decided I need prayer support from individual churches, 
that the site would be useful.

In attempting to reach member churches in 1 of the 4 most politically-conservative Evangelical denominations in the US, (believing they will be the most pro-life.)
I've gained a perspective of how differently each church uses the internet- or doesn't.
And this tells me what they think of the internet and email.

Many churches have been eager to offer their prayer support for my website,
but many churches simply cannot be reached via the internet.
(except through the 'GIVE' button).

It is apparent that many church leaders despise the internet,
and many leaders who have websites despise email.
(which is why, for some church websites, the only point of cyber-contact is the 'GIVE' button)

So, in this website, I want to show church leaders 
how the public might view their churches via their web-presence, or lack thereof.
(See artwork at left)

I also wrote a few articles about in-house matters that pastors and deacons might find helpful,
from one layman's point of view.

Eric J. Rose
August, 2023
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Best Practices

Every true profession establishes a set of 'Best Practices' for its practitioners to follow.
This website then, is largely a petition, 
declaring that even in one denomination, 
there is not one set of best practices to follow 
concerning email and internet contact.

And further into the website, I will suggest a set of best practices for email and internet use,
as it applies to public availability to the local church.

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Friendliest States

Before we step into this tar-pit,
it seems to my senses
that given the amount of built-in adversity these churches face,

the churches in Utah and Vermont are the most accessible 
via the internet and by email, according to percentages.

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An articulated website

As you can see, my website pages are often several small pieces joined together in a column.
Please make sure you have hot the bottom of the page before moving to the next page.