Anger Management

I was part of the Church about the time that many churches began to require 
premarital counseling before they would allow a couple to marry in their church.

This is an excellent plan and could translated into other areas of church life.

I am a crime show buff - I learn a lot about human nature from crime shows.
One thing I have learned is that some of the angriest people keep the calmest public facade.

And as a crime show buff, I have seen shows where a pastor or pastor's wife killed the spouse. 
I've also seen deacons and church secretaries get mixed up in the mess, as the paramour.

I think an 'anger management course' should be mandatory for bible college students, 
pastors and for anyone aspiring to be a deacon.

I also feeling that a pastor or Deacon Board can direct an attendee 
to go through anger management as part of church-discipline.

It would be best if there were a Christ-based Anger Management Program for churches to use.