Arrogant Victimhood

Can, does...Satan use victimhood to create arrogance in the heart of victims?  I vote yes.
A victim who thinks that life and God owes them something is already percolating a dose of arrogance inside them.

But let's examine why Satan orchestrates abuse, which we know he does:
1) Satan orchestrate abuse because seeing others in pain is one of the few pleasures he can now experience.
     and even when in the abyss for eternity, he will give himself some relief knowing he has brought billions of souls with him into hell.
2) Abuse is a manifestation of anarchy. Lucifer invented anarchy. Anarchy is one the devil's main tools in his toolbox.
     Lies are the gloves he wears to use the tool called anarchy.
3) Abuse by family members and authority figures - creates confusion as to right and wrong.
      Abused souls, especially children, are easier to guide into anarchy, for they have less grounding in what is true
      and may have never been shown real love.
4) We are all social-climbers. We tend to envy others in a better position. Human nature, and it is also the devil's nature. 
      Lucifer, as the main Praise Angel in heaven, coveted the worship that God was receiving. Victims to often want something
     their abusers have. Many victims, simply covet the sense of safety and security that their abusers have. 
     And they see bullying as the path to self-security.

If we divided victims into unhappy possibilities, I would claim three types: 
Some victims die as victims. 
Some victims of childhood victimization outgrow their victimization, only to become abusers themselves. 
Victimized people-groups who escape their captors, then when free imitate their captors as a way to deal with life in a new society.

The first group is a closed discussion.
In the second group, we often see people like the Perry, Iowa shooter of December of 2023, reportedly a bullying victim,
who became a bully himself when shooting up the school. Childhood bullying seems to be a common denominator in school shootings.
Yet most of these shooters (if this was a home-school shooting) would likely see themselves as victims of the entire school,
because in the midst of their bullying, no one helped them.

If we look int mafia history, we see mafia clans of various ethnic groups that immigrated into America from areas where their entire people-groups were oppressed in their country of origin. Sicilians, the Irish, and Jews made up most of the most famous mafia families in early east coast history. And they are called families for a reason.