As I moved through the directory of church listings, I noticed something as I worked my way through New York Churches.

Let me tell you...
In attempting to send an email to every church in this denomination,
I got bogged down in New York. The letters 'M' and 'N' contain nearly one-third
of all the states in the union. Getting through those two letters of the alphabet took a while.

Second, it seems that New York was especially difficult. I'm sure there are many evil principalities operating in New York, and I think I saw their effect.

While in most states, I could remember both the church name and the city name
when typing them in to my search bar.
Not in New York.
Virtually every time, I had to enter the church name,
then go back to the National listing to retrieve the city name.
Very frustrating and very slow.

This is why I think Satan has an assignment over church email,
which is all the more reason to use church email.