Bad Signs

I've come across a few signs on church's internet pages that are not at all helpful.
Here are a few of them.
"They don't want me."

Facebook barrier

I don't have a Facebook account, so some churches will not give me access to their FB page.

This seems very standoff-ish and cliquish to me.
What is the reason for this?
Is it worth the cost of curious strangers feeling unwanted?

'Not private'

What does this sign mean?
Will I be hit with viruses if I continue onto this sight?
I avoid websites like this.
Why would a church allow this situation?

Beta-test your church listing on your National website.

The mail thingee...

I'm not set up to use this function.

I have more than one email address
and I'm afraid this device would complicate my movement between emails.

Some churches, I couldn't contact because this device is the only way to email them.
I prefer cut-and-paste email addresses.

Any church with a wheelchair ramp should be able to print their email address 
to accommodate people like me, eh?


I've seen the chat button on several church websites.
but am afraid to try it.

I'm afraid that messages sent by chat are deemed less important than other messages.
And I know that I forget messages I've read on my phone once I have cleared the 'input signal'.

And yes, messages are sometimes prioritized by the receiver, 
according to how they are sent.
Admit it.

So, how do you prioritize messages?
I'm curious.