my electronics workbench

I aspire to learn electronics, and I want to use my workbench as a parable 
about being unplugged or disconnected in one's Christian life. 

I have a few devices at my bench that are unplugged.
That is partly because I don't know how to use all of them yet.
I buy tools and then learn to use them. 
That is how life works in a lot of ways, be it with a boughten tool or a borrowed tool, 
or a machine that a parent owned, like a washing machine

The tool comes before the learning.
But unless we learn to use the tool, the tool is worthless to us or anyone else - through us.
And the tool mocks us, jeering at us through dusty eyelids from its perpetual home on its shelf.

Let us expand this parable into Christianity.
Most Evangelical Christians would say that the Church has two sacraments,
baptism and communion.

Fine, ... but then what?

I contend that Christianity also has necessary 'Acts of Consecration' -
tools of the trade for Christians, 
that are meant to be used to glorify God and help humanity, including ourselves.

These are things we are supposed to do, or be willing to do,
some of them only once,
some daily,
some frequently,
and some regularly
to show ourselves to be practicing Christians.

The sacraments are also Acts of Consecration.
Salvation is the first Act of Consecration.
It is something we do that connects us with God.

Other Acts of Consecration prescribed by Scripture are:

* Repentance at the revelation of sins

* A push toward holiness


* Prayer

*Scripture study


*Gathering together with other believers

*Conflict resolution

* Looking after one's family

*Intercessory Prayer

* Helping the needy

* Diligence in employment

* Diligence toward the spiritual gift(s) that God has given each of us.

* Martyrdom