Just Kidding!

You can't donate to this website or to me.

I just wanted to "GIVE' feedback about the 'GIVE' button on church websites.

In attempting to send prayer requests to churches about my 'idontwantgod' project,
I actually encountered one website that contained only the following:

1) The name of the church
2) A photo of the church
2) A photo of the pastoral couple
4) The 'GIVE' button.

That was it. That was all. That was everything.
This is sooo one-sided.

AND, I ran into several, many websites where the only computer-contact possible with that church 
was through the 'GIVE' button.
No e-mail contact was offered, apparently by design and forethought.

WOW    :( 

Suggestion #1: The 'GIVE' button should be on the far right and without special highlighting,
so it doesn't appear to be the most important topic on the header.

Suggestion #2: A church that doesn't offer email contact on their website, 
shouldn't have a 'GIVE' button. That is sooo one-sided.