The church membership equation has always puzzled me.
Some church leaders think that giving someone partial ownership in their church
will evoke a sense of responsibility. And some pastors plead for people to join.

My perspective is, only people that have the proper character
will operate with a sense of responsibility,
and only they should be given an official voice in the business of the church.

People should be taught that everyone has obligations to the organizations to which they belong -
be it family, place of employment, nation, or any other organization, including church.
We're not really part of that particular body if we have no skin in the game.

No family needs 'drop-ins' that just drop-in to flit about, 
give their opinions and criticisms, eat the dessert, then leave.
The same is true of the workplace, the nation and the church.

"Quiet Quitting' is a new phrase in the workplace for underperforming. Look it up.
This happens in churches too. 

Regular church attendees should prove they are worthy to be members before they are asked.
An invitation to become a member should come by private invitation 
from a nominating committee, not an open plea from the altar.

As a layperson and a church employee, I used to get frustrated at 'members' 
who frankly were no more productive than the dust on their Bibles.
Sorry, a bit of blunt honesty here.