Moan-y Singing

Painting: Thomas Eakins

This is a delicate subject that needs to be discussed.

One popular trend in female vocalists... is to sing in a moan-y manner.
This has immigrated into the church from pop music.
When this happens in church during praise and worship,
it can be disconcerting to any married man 
that has ever brought his wife to orgasm.

A proper marriage bed includes the husband playing his wife like a violin
and making her moan like a violin.

So, when young female church vocalists begin to moan on stage while singing,
it can be, frankly, disconcerting, distracting and even disgusting,
to a man that has ever made his wife moan.
It can also make some men wonder if next week's service will include a dancing pole.
And some men might wish it would be so.