Only 16% ???

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Yes, only 16% of that State's listings on the National website has a working website listing.

But...more churches have websites, they just don't list them on the National site.
I don't understand why. The National site is a good meeting place.
It's my first choice.

How can a church claim to be 'a meeting place' when it is so difficult to find or connect with?

When I began trying to contact churches via email, 
I always wanted to know something about them before contacting them. 
With so few website links on National site, 
I just took the church name and location, and tried to hunt them down on the internet, 
often finding a website or Facebook page not listed on the National site.

I wanted to know something about the church and the people that attend it. 
I like to see a picture of the building, 
the faces of the leaders and the people gathering in the foyer.

This is how I learned about the incompleteness of the National site, 
which could be improved if State offices would conduct yearly audits 
and require current information from the local churches.
The National site could then do a better job of funneling people to the local churches.

Local church, why ignore free advertising, at a logical place for seekers to gather?