The Keystroke Bible


The most intensive Bible read-though possible?

This most intensive Bible reading program I have ever done is what I call the 'Keystroke Bible'.
When I was in high school, our history teacher urged us to take notes, 
saying that writing down what we hear or what we read will increase what we retain.

In 2014, I typed out the New Testament word-for-word, chapter-for-chapter, book-for-book,
all the way through the New Testament.

Both individuals and denominations will tout their most favorite verses.
But few will admit that they also have their least favorite verses.
Verses that grind against them, any time they are forced to read them.

My Keystroke Bible program made me read, type and read as I was typing,
every word, every phase, every chapter that was uncomfortable or scary to me.

This project took six months of my off-time, while working 50-hour weeks.
(I didn't care about verse and chapter numbering).
I was living and working remotely away from my wife, 
going home every 2nd or 3rd weekend.

Granted, my remote employment gave me spare time for the project, 
but it was time I would have used somehow anyway.
I abstained from TV until the project was complete.

While this report sounds like I toiled grievously, like being on a long march with a heavy backpack,
it was an out-of-the ordinary project, but satisfying, with a reachable conclusion.

And I expected to profit from this exercise.
And I believe I have profited, and I dare others to follow suit,
and then I dare any of them to tell me it wasn't worth the time and effort.