church gargoyles

"So, what about internet trolls, Mr. Smartypants,
that want to waste our lives and destract us?"

Thank you for asking.

This would be a great side-topic for a pastoral convention, 
perhaps developing 'best practices
for handling people who are slow to present themselves, like Zacchaeus.

For hardcore trolls, I would have my ways, that some might find ...severe,
including blocking.

But, if I were a pastor with a church, 
I would give a person making an email contact, 
an overstatement saying 
that my ultimate goal is to connect with them in-person, 
and that my task list is too great for endless rabbit-trail email exchanges 
without the transparency and the pleasure of in-person meetings

If they were not local, I would eventually require their city and state info, 
to transfer their inquiries to someone that can meet them in person.
If they refused, communication would cease.

If they are local, I would give them reading assignments 
and the next communication would depend on them first completing the reading assignment.

At some point I would require a personal meeting, or the emails would need to end.
Blocking would be the last resort.