Why email?


Why do people want to email me?
The church has a phone and front doors.

I understand that many pastors despise emails.
But, apart from trolls that relish their ability to inflict others anonymously, 
there are legitimate reasons that people use church email, instead of phone or personal contact:

1) Let's face it, pastors are difficult to engage with on Sundays. 
It is impossible to have a pastor's full attention on Sunday,
and many people work for inflexible employers when the pastor is keeping church-hours. 
And we try to respect his evening hours.
I remember using one day's vacation to speak with a pastor on a personal subject,
then the morning of the appointment, 
the pastor's secretary called to cancel the appointment, without explanation.
One day's vacation wasted.

2) Phone messages on paper contain a name, phone number and very few words  
    describing the issue. Phone messages are inferior to email.
I believe that a message needs at least 10 - 25 words to connect the sender and receiver.
Fewer words downgrade the importance of the message to the receiver.

3) Writing things down provides the most clarity and protects everyone from busy memories.
And tone-of-voice can be interpreted or misunderstood, changing the message's value.

4) I am a poor speaker, including stutters and stammers,
which given human nature, would leave a message-taker to believe that I am likely not a highly educated person. Emails disguise the speaking inabilities of someone like me 
with a Bachelor's degree In Business Admin..

5) Email offers a point of contact with the least possibility of rejection. 
Imagine for yourself what kind of person would use email under these circumstances. 
For example, I once attended a church for a young man that was coming out of homosexuality. 
He was still very 'lispy'.
I could see that kind of person using email to establish contact with a church, then finally share his predicament, looking for a safe place to transform into what God called him to be.

I also imagine someone with physical deformities, using email to initiate a bond with a pastor before attending the church.

My question throughout this website is:
How can anyone think that today's church can have a complete soul-harvest without email?